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This week I took on a new position as the Chief Ethics Officer at a publicly listed and internationally regulated organization.  It is a challenging and important time to hold such a role and while I believe my experiences properly prepare me for this, I also expect that this role will challenge me to continue … Continue reading

Why the unreasonable auditor?

You might be wondering why the “unreasonable” auditor? I believe auditors do not have the standing in the world of business that we should and I believe it is entirely our own fault. Our brand is unattractive to top talent. There is only one way to change this game and that is to set a completely new bar for ourselves. Remembering the quote from George Bernard Shaw’s ‘Maxims for revolutionaries’ that “The reasonable man adapts himself to the world: the unreasonable one persists in trying to adapt the world to himself. Therefore all progress depends on the unreasonable man.” So, I say “hail to unreasonable auditors”. Only through them will we change the game significantly for our profession. If you agree that much more needs to be done to move our profession then I welcome your comments, your views and links to thought-provoking ideas. Let me know what you have seen or done that truly changes the game.


Anthony O'Reilly

Anthony O'Reilly

Global Audit and Governance Executive

As the Head of Professional Practices at Siemens, AG I played a leadership role in a major Corporate re-construction of a global audit function, from inside the engine room.

After 10 years as a Partner in a Big Four firm, I was attracted by the opportunity of a turnaround challenge in one of the world's leading industrial companies. I moved my family to Germany and spent 4 years re-building this 450-person global audit organization back to health following a spectacular failure.

I am attracted by challenge, cultural diversity and companies who are willing to put effort into it and get to the next level. I am not dismayed by resistance to change and seek to work with companies willing to invest in skilled people who want to advance their own careers while bringing the organization to new heights and reducing the total cost of operations. All of these things were accomplished in my time at Siemens.

Prior to my role at Siemens, AG, I was a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP where I was a Partner in PwC's Global Assurance Methodology Group, which, among other things, created and launched the audit approach for the newly-merged new Firm in July 1998. I have served many top-name clients who have provided me with many interesting and practical challenges, and tested me in ways that have made me a better professional. I have advised many other top of the line organizations on audit governance and methods and, though it would not be right to name them I need to thank them all for contributing to my personal development. I have twice been the interim Chief Audit Executive when companies needed someone to help them quickly.

I am a published author and featured speaker on Audit and Governance practices.


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